Dropping some more notes here in preparation for my 300-101 ROUTE exam.

Redistribution Options EIGRP
metric specifies bandwidth, delay, reliability, load & mtu
match match OSPF route type; options are: internal, nssa-external, external 1, external 2
tag unitless integer value that can later be matched by a route-map
route-map match based on route-map logic
Redistribution Options OSPF
metric NOT REQUIRED, default is 20, except for BGP which is 1
metric-type set to 1 or 2 which means E1 or E2
route tag see above
route-map see above
subnets OSPF-only command, classless subnets get matched, without these only classful subnets are matched
Redistribution Options BGP
metric metric value
match match OSPF internal, external 1, external 2, or nssa-external
route-map see above
OSPF External Route Types
E1 (external type-1) metric increases as route traverses the network
E2 (type 2 external) router ignores the internal cost of the E2 route and only uses the metric set by the ASBR (default = 20)

EIGRP can set a default seed metric for routes:
router(config-router)# default-metric <bw delay reliability load mtu>